1/18.- Welcome to Mandawa, India


Mandawa is a small town in the region of Shekhawati, famous for its painted Havelis (residential houses). The town is on the way from Delhi to Bikaner (state of Rajasthan).

If you want to visit Rajasthan from Delhi, Mandawa is a good stopover. From Delhi to Mandawa there are 6-8 hours by car, roads are bumpy and traffic is heavy. From Mandawa to Bikaner there are 4 hours by car, the road is in very good condition. The best way of getting to Mandawa is by car with a driver, or by tourist bus. Hotels and travel agencies in Delhi (and Bikaner) can arrange a private tour (car and driver) or an organized tour to Rajahstan and Mandawa.

In the picture you can see one of the havelis in Mandawa.

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