Italy Tourist Information. Welcome to Italy!

Dear visitor, welcome to my Italy web pages. Italy is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Some experts say that 50% of the world's artistic heritage is in Italy.

Here you will find tourist information, photographs and travel tips about Italy's main destinations. I consider this site only a starting point. Italy has so much to offer ...

When to Go/Climate: The best seasons to travel to Italy are Spring and Fall. Summers can be a little too hot in some cities, but even during the cold winters it is ok to come to italy.

Get in: The main Italian airports are Milan Malpensa's (MPX) and Rome's Leonardo da Vinci - Fiumicino (FCO), but Italy has many other international airports.

Get around: Italian cities are well communicated by road, train and bus. I recommned trains. Distances are short, most cities are less than two hours apart.

Money and Costs: Italy uses the Euro, and as in the rest of Europe prices are not cheap. Accommodation and transportation are particularly expensive. If you like pasta and pizzas, food is affordable.

Length of stay: if you want to visit italy's main tourist destinations, you will need three or four weeks.

Languages/People: 60 million people live in Italy. People are friendly and open. Italian is the local language, and although English is widely spoken in tourist businesses, most local people are unable to have a fluent conversation in English. An Italian phrasebook will be very useful..

Food: Italy's cuisine is one of the richest in the world, and more successful abroad. Pizzas and pasta dishes are served in pizzerias, and regional cuisine is served in the Trattorias, which tend to be more expensive.

Bellow these lines you will find a short description of Italy's main tourist attractions. I hope you enjoy my virtual presentations. Enjoy

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