1/20.- York, Welcome to York!!!


York is the type of place that you’ll be wanting to return to time and time again. Regardless of your age, background or hopes and dreams, you’ll be thinking of York long after your trip is over. Steeped in a history that goes back to the Romans, the tales and sights of the city will haunt you and beckon you back. Located just a two hour train ride north of London, and about the same length of journey south of Edinburgh, Scotland, it’s high on the list of "things to see" in the United Kingdom. If you’re arriving by car, you’ll be able to park at one of the several park and ride parking lots just outside the city. Wear a comfortable pair of walking shoes - you’ll be walking quite a bit! By the way, in York, the word "bar" actually means gateway to the city, and the word "gate" means street. "Mickle" means great or important. Heads of traitors were chopped off and hung here at the Micklegate for all to view and ponder. Plenty to think about as you pass through the entrance into York.

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