/40.- Welcome to Montego Bay, Jamaica!!!


Montego Bay, located on Jamaica’s northwest coast, is the island's main tourist destination. The first tourists came here in the 1880's. Since then, this town has been visited by millions of foreigners. On the following pages I will show you some of the reasons of the success of this unique spot.

Mobay, as locals know this town, has also a bad reputation. Tourist harassment came to its maximum some years ago. Local tourist authorities started a campaign to reduce the number of hustlers near the tourist resorts. And, although the situation has improved a lot lately, Montego Bay is still one of the Jamaican destinations where tourists will be harassed more and more often.

Montego Bay has the broadest offer of hotels in Jamaica; from cheap bed and breakfast to the most exclusive resorts. world famous golf courses and some of the most exclusive beaches in Jamaica are reasons powerful enough to come here, but, as you will see on the following pages, there are many other reasons to visit Mobay ...

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