1/30.- Welcome to Hong Kong, China


Welcome to Hong Kong, legendary cross-roads between East and West! Hong Kong is one of Asia's most fascinating and dynamic cities, entertaining approximately 14 million visitors a year. Although about 95% of its population of 7 million is Chinese, and Hong Kong returned to Chinese rule in 1997, a century-and-a-half of British rule and vibrant capitalism have also left their mark.

Hong Kong is full of interesting contrasts, between Asian and European, and between modern and ancient. Through this virtual tour, I'll show you some of Hong Kong's most interesting sites, but the only way to really appreciate Hong Kong is to visit it in person!

Let's start our virtual tour here, at Victoria Peak. "The Peak" is the highest mountain on Hong Kong Island and provides terrific views out over the heart of the city and harbor. It is also Hong Kong's number one tourist attraction. In this photo you can see the skyscrapers of Central (located on Hong Kong island), Victoria Harbor, and Kowloon.

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