2/43.- Geneva, '"Republic of Geneva"' and '"Helvetia"


The best area to stay is in the "Rive Gauche" (Left Bank), where the Old Town is situated. Prices are somewhat higher here, but the district well deserves paying a little bit extra. The "Rive Droite" (Right Bank), near the train station, is somewhat cheaper.

From the train station area, walk along the Rue du Mont-Blanc and you will get to the "Lac" -- Lake Geneva. Cross the Mont-Blanc Bridge and you will get to the Jardin Anglais (English Garden), on the lakeside promenade. In this little park you can visit the Flower Watch, mentioned before, the double statue in the picture, and a nice water fountain.
The two statues in the picture symbolize the "Republic of Geneva" and "Helvetia". This monument was erected to celebrate the joining together of Geneva and the Swiss Confederation in 1815.


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