1/24.- Welcome to Delphi, Greece


Welcome to Delphi, the most famous pilgrimage destination of the ancient world and one of Greece's best archeological sites!

Delphi is located 110 miles northwest of Athens. There's no airport or rail station particularly close, so really the only way to visit is via bus or car. The major Athens tour companies run one and two day tours to Delphi, and also include Delphi on their longer tours of Greece. The two main things to see in Delphi are the archeological site and the museum.

As you can see, one of the best things about Delphi is its dramatic setting, perched high among rugged mountains covered with cypress trees. In the distance, you can just make out the three standing columns of the Temple of Athena Pronaia. Although many people associate that with Delphi and its famous oracle, the principal Delphi site, and the location of the oracle, was the Temple of Apollo, about one km from the Temple of Athena Pronaia, and that's where we'll be focusing our visit.

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